Cardiovascular Surgery News
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Cardiovascular Surgery News

The journal is intended for covering the current issues of modern cardiovascular surgery and related scientific areas. It publishes the peer-reviewed reviews of world literature in cardiology, cardiac surgery, angiology, anesthesiology, reanimatology, perfusiology, functional diagnostics, rehabilitation and other specialties.

The original topic presents records of Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons sessions, introducing the status and prospects of this specialty to the readers from all regions of Russia and other countries. Also the most significant materials of dissertations being defended on cardiovascular surgery and related subjects are provided. Literature and patent digests inform readers about new publications in world medical literature and recent patents in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

Besides, the journal publishes official governing documents, methodical and clinical guidelines on the management and treatment of patients, etc.

The placement of information about international forums on the problems of cardiovascular surgery is planned, as well as reports of participants of these events.

The periodical is of interest not only for young professionals, interns, graduate students taking their first steps in cardiovascular surgery, but for already successful doctors and scientists as a source of new information and a platform for publication of the results of their research.

Formerly this materials were published as informational collection “Cardiovascular surgery”.

Publication frequency: quarterly.

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