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Authors: Semina T.V.

Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Rublevskoe shosse, 135, Moscow, 121552, Russian Federation

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Link: Clinical Physiology of Blood Circulaiton. 2018; 2 (2): 121-124

Quote as: Semina T.V. Problems of legal responsibility of a doctor in Russia today. Cardiovascular Surgery News. 2018; 2 (2): 121–4 (in Russ.). DOI: 10.24183/2588-0284-2018-2-2-121-124

Received / Accepted:  March 26, 2018 / March 30, 2018

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The article is devoted to the acute issue of doctor-patient relationships, which are becoming more and more conflictual, rather than being a constructive dialogue and interaction. Not always patients demonstrate an objective approach to the assessment of the quality of medical services provided to them. Often the reason for their underestimation is “consumer extremism”, with the aim to get some profit and income, manipulating the legislation on consumer rights for selfish purposes. Such patients' complaints are based on deliberate defamation that discredits the honour and good name of a doctor. In this regard, it has become necessary to protect from unfounded accusations by patients and their relatives, that is, a question of legal protection of a doctor's professional work has arisen. This problem is particularly acute in cardiovascular surgery since this speciality refers to “risky”. The author notes that ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of patients in the field of healthcare is certainly an important social task, but the rights of a doctor must also be protected.

Conflict of interest. The author declares no conflict of interest.


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